About CrossFit Quantico

After starting with one trainee in 2006, CrossFit Quantico has grown steadily ever since. Founded officially in February of 2008, we have several CrossFit Level I Trainers; our participants range from analysts with graduate degrees to interns and combat veterans—embracing the CrossFit model of scalability. In short, we are a group of military and civilian personnel dedicated to personal growth. We have an official tie to the CrossFit community and reciprocate the benefits of CrossFit programming. Specifically, “CrossFit Quantico” is:

● A non-profit affiliate. Access to our trainers and equipment is free

● A group to exemplify the Marine Corps functional fitness concept

● An example for other military affiliates to emulate

● An extended home for members of the CrossFit community

Currently, we are conducting classes at 1130 Mon – Fri.

CrossFit Quantico is not endorsed by the United States Marine Corps and is not affiliated with the Department of Defense.